Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This Kind of Crap blows my mind !!


Read this editorial:

Students should not get paid to take classes

“Should high school students have an opportunity to earn credits for a course that involves weapons training? Moreover, should they get paid to take the course?”


This is another example of a group of people that have their heads up their asses. School is meant to teach and instruct. This Editorial comes to us from the Moose Jaw Times. Apparently there is a group of pro peace groups that don't like the fact that students out west will have the opportunity take a reserve Co-op program, especially when that training will involve the use of weapons.

The Regina Peace Council has started circulating a petition to try and prevent the implementation of  a Co-op Program in Saskatchewan school boards. Now unless they do things differently out west, schools are intended to educate and train the future work force of this nation of ours. The Profession of Arms is also something that needs to be taught as well. when a person becomes a soldier he is not just going to the local armouries to carry a weapon and saying hey lets go shoot stuff ! They are making a conscious decision to place themselves in harms way for the betterment of the nation. Harm comes in may forms. It can come in the form of a disease such as Ebola, it can come in the form of a natural disaster, and yes it can come in the form of war. I wonder of these people in these groups realize there are many different sides to being a soldier and carrying a weapon is only one of those sides.

I also think that it is quite ironic that these groups have such a hard on for the common troop when it might be wiser and better idea to stop kids from taking science in school, because far more damage, and havoc have been caused by scientists and engineers  than GI Joe and GI Jane. Just to give an example, The Maxim Machine Gun revolutionized modern warfare, it was not created by a soldier but by an inventor, in reality an engineer, that learned his trade, I'm almost positive in a school. This is the same guy that has patents for mouse traps and curling irons.  Another item which we are all familiar with, the atomic bomb was initially created by a physicist, another scientist. These two inventions alone are responsible for the deaths of literally millions,, not to mention Zyclon B gas that killed millions on its own.    So why are we allowing science classes in our schools. I think  we should start a petition to eliminate science classes from our schools.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Sad Truth

The Sad Truth
By Jack Profijt

The other morning my wife and were enjoying our customary cup of Joe while watching CTV news, just like we do every morning. We watched a segment of there morning program that waS spot lighting Canada's Special Operations Regiment or CSOR. The news broad casters were highlighting an upcoming segment of W5. In this particular segment the interviewing reporter was speaking with a US General about a training operation that CSOR is involved in Nigeria.  The General had made a comment that Canada's Special Forces personnel are some of the best in the world and that the Canadian public should be made more aware of what they do. My wife made the immediate comment that "No they shouldn't !"

Don't get us wrong, she supports the military 100%, but her rational is quit sound. The general population doesn't, appear to want to know about anything beyond "peace keeping". Peace keeping, is a nice term and make Canadians feel good about what there soldiers do. Anyone who has served in any kind of overseas force knows Peace Keeping is relative term, especially if there is no peace to keep. 

To me the sad truth is that Canadians don't want to know what there soldiers do or why they do what they  do. Many Canadians are quick to say that we are loved in Europe and the World over. However they are not so quick to acknowledge that the love they feel or the good will they experience while traveling was won off the backs of soldiers and their blood. There have been times where I have made that connection for many modern Canadian Citizens, the shocked expression that I receive implies that have irreparably insulted them, and have some how suggested something that is somehow un-canadian. The very thought of Canadians committing violence in the name of Canada by order of the Canadian Government, by Canadians appears to be repulsive to the average Joe on the street.  

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